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Before Contacting Support
Many typical issues involve account setup, browser settings and viewing content. These may be resolved by the tips below.
Account Setup - IHS applications require an account for each named user. Contact the system administrator at your company if your company is a subscriber or File a Support Request.
Browser Settings - Your internet browser must be configured to support cookies in order to use IHS Applications. Internet Explorer version 6.0 and higher are supported, though other browsers and browser versions may work.
Reading PDF Files - IHS content is stored in Adobe PDF format. You will need the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader available for free at www.adobe.com to view IHS content. Users with versions of Adobe Acrobat less than 6.0 will probably experience problems with newer content. Soon, the minimum requirement will be version 7.0 or higher. We recommend that you check with your IT Department before installing any software on your company's computers. Click on the button below to begin the download process.
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Telephone Support
Number: 1 800 447 2273 (1-800-IHS-CARE) (USA/Canada) or +1 303 397 2295 (Worldwide)